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If you want to escape the heat of summer in Louisiana, sulfur parks and water parks are the only place you can visit. Although there are actually more than 20 parks in the lake area, getting outside is not always easy.

Sulfur also has many architecturally complex libraries, which contain a large number of books and serve as great learning spaces. The Sulffur Regional Library also offers many public activities to engage the community, such as summer reading lessons, summer camps and summer camps for children.

From the beginning, from January to April, we hold the annual Sulphur Frog Festival, the largest frog festival in the state of Louisiana, and in June the frogs are born. At Christmas, Sulffur also hosts the Kiwanis Christmas Balloons Parade, the only balloon parade in Louisiana to be paraded.

The best part of the tour is when you can taste the delicious rum from Louisiana sugar cane. Hollier Cajun Kitchen also offers a wide selection of local dishes such as lobster, shrimp and oysters. The family-run business acts like a restaurant serving a variety of Cajiun specialties, including chicken, beef, pork, lamb, chicken and pork ribs, as well as a selection of cajuns.

The museum is located on a site that originally belonged to the Frasch Mining Company, one of the largest mining companies in the United States. One of the museum's highlights is a permanent exhibition on the history of sulphur mining, and it is also the only museum in the USA to display historical information about frac mining.

The oil refinery was a major employer, and the Maplewood and Hollywood areas were developed and accommodated the refinery workers. Today, it is home to one of the largest oil refineries in the United States, employing more than 2,000 people. The sulphur parks and amusement parks have bought and renovated the old refinery site, which has been transformed into a delightful work of art that pleases everyone. This is an important part of the cultural and social life of the city, as well as its economy, and so people come to this area every year to enjoy everything it has to offer and behave.

Winter is rainy and cool, and near Lake Charles there are many festivals and events that bring visitors to the area. In summer, however, families have free time and enjoy taking their children to water parks, hiking the various trails in nearby parks and wetlands, or enjoying the old Louisiana folk festivals that celebrate the culture of the various communities around sulphur.

Download the Lake Charles Historic Tour app to your phone to learn more about the area. If you're in the city center, be sure to see the buildings and artworks that fill the city and see them. The best time is during the carnival procession, which you can make yourself, as well as at many other festivals and events throughout the year.

Learn how to spy on dramatic alligators and beautiful songbirds, and talk to a great guide at reception about the best places to see wildlife during your visit. Learn about Lake Charles and its wildlife, and have a place to observe birds and wildlife, as well as learn about some of the wildlife in the area, such as birds of prey.

You are welcome to download the PDF version of the Sulfur LA map so you can easily access it if you travel via the Internet by any means. Click on the icon on the map to see a satellite view that delves deep into the interior of the sulphyr and serves as a guide for your next trip to Lake Charles or other parts of Louisiana. You can also save this PDF to get free prints for all your Sul phur plans as well as download it to your phone or tablet for free.

Lake Charles has so many great festivals and events and has an amazing Lake Charles Events app that helps you find out what's happening in Lake Charles today and every day. To see more photos from our time in Lake Charles, check out our photos of Sulphur in Sul phur and the map of Sulphur LA on our Facebook page.

Having the right accommodations is important when you are visiting Sulphur, so make sure you book your rooms well in advance to secure them. Summer is the high season in Sul phur and there are some great hotels in the area, but also some that offer great discounts. We chose Motel 6 Sulppur because it is a simple hotel, which is the perfect base camp while you explore the area. Check out our line charts to find the cheapest dates for reservations for your upcoming trip to Sulophur.

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More About Sulphur