Sulphur Louisiana Things To Do

Adventure and fun for the whole family awaits you at the Sulphur Trail Center, a new outdoor leisure center in the heart of downtown.

Populations of world-class birds and alligators make this scenic back road a natural wonder, and the Creole Nature Trail route takes you through some of the most scenic areas of the city, as well as the natural beauty of the city. There is also a well-marked recreation area where you can catch your own fish and crabs. The rates on Lake Nature Drive are also ideal for outfitting shrimp and crabs with nets and wildlife watching, a wonderful place just to see wildlife. The natural beauty of this lake and its natural wonders make it a paradise for relaxation for the whole family.

To determine whether property prices in Sulphur are affordable, you need to know what amenities are available in the area. A look at the city's real estate market data for the past five years gives you the opportunity to determine whether your home purchase will be a solid investment for years to come. Use this data to plan business opportunities, conduct research studies, and help fund future developments and other tools. For more information, visit or contact the local Louisiana Department of Land and Natural Resources (LDLNR) office.

If you are looking for a family-friendly city, sulphur might suit you well, as 56% of you are married, have children 18 years or younger, and have at least one child under 18 who is married. To learn more about how to become a franchise owner, visit our Franchise Information page. Our network of franchisees works coast to coast, border to border, to ensure that you get the information and savings that matter to you - and don't forget them if you forget them. Each of our franchisees sets their own times and works to provide valuable service to homeowners and local businesses in the area.

If you are an ornithologist, you should not miss spring and spring - the migratory birds in autumn - and if not, don't forget that Lake Charles has one of the best bird watching trails in the country - the Creole Nature Trail. With imaginative hands, you can find out about the good places to see alligators and migratory birds, get a glimpse of wildlife found in bajus and swamps, smell the delicious flavors of Cajun and Creole and even play with the animals in the local petting zoo. The seasons on the Creole Nature Trail dramatically change the flora and fauna you might want to visit often.

Look out for alligators while you're there - this refuge is home to one of the largest concentrations of alligator nests in the United States. Hundreds of thousands of waterfowl are native to this area in winter and can be observed and photographed in their natural habitat. The Nature Drive Pool is a great place to see wildlife, including neotropical songbirds on migratory trips. For a trip to the Louisiana outback, don't miss the 16,000-acre freshwater fishing area, which offers excellent fishing opportunities for perch.

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More About Sulphur

More About Sulphur